Everplast Zrt.

In Csömör, which is the headquater of the company, we have 20 – year experience in plastic recycling, producing regranulates and grindings as well as foil blowing.

These days 2500-3000 ton plastic packaging waste is recycled here per year, furthermore it functions as a logistical centre. Thank to the continous developements, the company has outrosen the plant in Csömör.

Everplast Zrt. is a 100% Hungarian owned company, established in February 2010. It recycles and processes plastic waste, furthermore produces regranulates.

To strenghten our market presence, the company expanded the production of polyethylene recycling through buying a nearly 70.000m2 plant in Sümeg in 2010.

The production started in Sümeg in 2011, at first with 250 ton monthly, with one complete regranulating line. Thank to the continous developement this number had been duplicated in October 2011. It came near to the 1000 ton monthly quantity and due to the investment in 2014 the company has reached monthly 1500 ton production capacity, which means the production of nearly 18.000 ton prime regranulates per year. It verifies the fact, that the company produces the bigger part of the production to export.

Our company has grown to one of the biggest employers in the area. We are rightly proud of our European standard plant and the technological solutions, that meet the expectations of the market. Of course also for producing the valuable regranulate.

Kéthely is located in south shore of lake Balaton. This plastic recycling company belongs to the concern of the company, it will start in the beginning of 2015 with producing polypropylene.

We could implement our ambitions which were appointed in the beginning.

Thank to our enviromental friendly attitude, the amount of foil waste in the waste disposal can decrease.

We are committed to produce a quality approved also in EU. We have ISO 9001/14001 quality certificate. Our own laboratory and accomplished quality oriented professionals working for us.



Forestalling of plastic waste for recycling

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